A Local´s Guide to Berlin

Berlin, as the capital of Germany, is definitely a great and also very popular city to visit throughout the entire year. And because it attracts so many visitors, we know that there are already plenty of guides and tours available to explore the city. Many of those send you directly into the touristy hotspots like the Brandenburger Tor, Friedrichstraße, Potsdamer Platz or the Fernsehturm.

But not this guide. Here we offer insider travel tips.
We will show you insider tips and things to do about how to experience the city like a true Berliner and where to bump into the locals and feel the vibrant life of Berlin

Flea markets

The shops in Germany are usually closed on a Sunday but fear not! Berlin is known for its great and huge flea markets. All over the city, you can find flea markets that will let everyone’s thrift heart beat faster. You will find everything from clothes to accessories, old movie posters, vinyl records and furniture. It is a beloved spot for locals from all over the city to spend their Sundays! One of the most popular ones is the Mauerpark flea market – be sure to check it out!

Street food markets 

Besides flea markets, you also get the chance to try out some delicacies from all over the world at several street food markets, that are located across the city. Filled with independent stalls, run by multicultural Berliners, you are sure to find the best authentic cuisines! Be sure to try something new every time you visit a market – the stall owners are also happy to tell you more about the dish you are trying or the cuisine they are representing.
Especially popular is the street food market at Markthalle 9 in Kreuzberg which is open from 5 pm every Thursday!

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You cannot be in Berlin and not enjoy a Späti beer with the locals! Spätis are late-night convenience stores that are often open 24 hours. And you can be sure to find some locals laughing and enjoying a drink together here at almost any hour of the day. Many Spätis offer some seating arrangements so it has more of a bar feeling to it but for much cheaper. Especially during the summertime, it is one of the top hangout spots for Berliners and their friends!

Techno Clubs

Internationally known as one of the best party cities in the world, Berlin does not disappoint when it comes to clubs and bars. Techno is especially popular in Berlin and will be played in many clubs. People say you either love or hate techno but if you are still unsure, Berlin is the place to try it. Choose from one of the many clubs and dance the night away with your friends. And don’t be surprised if you leave the club and have the bright sun beaming in your eyes and wondering what day it is. The Berlin party nights are as spectacular as they are made out to be and you might just get lost in time with the locals!


Obviously, cycling isn’t particular to Berlin but it is one of the most popular types of transport to get around the city and is cherished much more than in other places. In the mornings you can see the locals biking to work and throughout the day everywhere else. Most of Berlin is super bike friendly and there are many rental shops around the city, along with bikes standing around the streets that you can unlock and use with an App. You get to see much more of the city and often also get from A to B much quicker than if you were to take public transport or a car. Try it out and you will see why the locals love it so much!

Tempelhofer Feld

Especially in the summer, the Tempelhofer Feld is packed with locals of all ages and from all over the city. Formerly running as an airport, the area has now turned into a park where you can go for all sorts of activities. Whether that be skating, cycling or jogging on the former airplane runway, having a BBQ with your friends or just going for a stroll in one of the largest green parks in Europe – the options are endless. The vibes are for sure unmatched and it is one of the favourite hangout spots for Berliners!


Berlin and its surroundings have been blessed with many lakes that the locals love to take advantage of, especially during the hotter months of the year. With lakes like the “Weißensee” or the “Plötzensee” directly in the city or lakes like the “Wannsee”, the “Schlachtensee” or the “Müggelsee” a bit further from the centre, the options are endless. Not only are the lakes great for swimming but also for a variety of water sports. Whether that be paddle boarding, or exploring the lake on a rowing boat, there is something for everyone and what better way to cool down on a hot summer day than by jumping in the cool water!

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