Visit Verona in One Day Like a Local

Discover the secrets of Verona just as the locals do with our insider’s guide to a day in this charming Italian city. From a magical sunrise spot to the perfect aperitivo, the most authentic lunch and dinner venues, and a stunning sunset view, we’ll show you how to experience Verona in a way that captures its true essence.

Enjoy a taste of local cuisine, soak in the rich history, and create memories to last a lifetime as you explore this enchanting city from dawn till dusk.


Piazza Bra, Arena Verona

After a good night sleep and a rich breakfast at Leonardo Hotel Verona, begin your day at Verona’s central square, Piazza Bra, and admire the grand Arena di Verona, a well-preserved Roman amphitheatre.

A visit to the Juliet’s House (Casa di Giulietta) is a must, even for locals who need a bit of luck. It’s the house that inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Don’t forget to touch Juliet’s bronze statue for luck in love.

Stroll to Piazza delle Erbe, a lively square surrounded by colourful buildings, and visit the daily market for some local, fresh products. Try some samples and then stop at a cafe for a cappuccino.
Caffeinated. Later, head to Torre dei Lamberti for panoramic views of the city. It’s a bit of a climb, but the scenery is worth it.

For lunch, enjoy a meal at Osteria al Duomo, a charming local eatery tucked away from the tourist crowds. Savour a plate of Bigoli, a traditional Venetian pasta, served with duck sauce, or try the risotto made with Amarone wine, a local specialty. Finish with a glass of Valpolicella, a famous red wine from the region.



Ponte Scaligero, Verona, Italy

Walk over the scenic Ponte Scaligero, a fortified bridge that leads to Castelvecchio. It’s a great spot among locals to snap some nice shots and post them on your social media. Explore Castelvecchio, a mediaeval castle and museum. It’s an architectural masterpiece with an impressive collection of art.

When you are done, we suggest a nice gelato as you continue to explore the city. Consider stopping by one of Verona’s local artisan shops or boutiques. You can find unique handmade goods, including clothing, accessories, and crafts.

When the sun is starting to set, head to the funicular station and take a ride up to Castel San Pietro. This vantage point offers a stunning view of Verona, especially during sunset. Capture the breathtaking scenery and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.


When the sun has set, make your way to Porta Borsari for an aperativo, choose a glass of Aperol Spritz, a refreshing Venetian cocktail that locals adore, or a glass of wine. Sip your drink at an outdoor table and watch the world go by. Later the day, celebrate your unforgettable Verona tour with a delightful Italian dinner at one of the restaurants along the Adige River. Try the horse meat stew, a local specialty. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of Valpolicella or Soave wine.

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