Why You Should Mix Leisure Into Your Business Trip

We have all heard of it. New Work. Especially since the start of 2020, when our whole lives were turned upside down, we have experienced a shift in our work lives. Working from home or any other place than the office is extremely common now and a more flexible and hybrid work model is on the rise. Now that we are able to travel again and business travel is returning, why not apply this new aspect to that part of work life? 

In some spaces, a new word has been created: business + pleasure = bleisure

And we are here to tell you why adding some fun and relaxing parts to your business trip is a great idea.

  1. Reduce in stress
    Getting some distractions in between, before or after important meetings can reduce your stress and your nervousness. You will be more relaxed when you go into the meeting or conference.
  2. Greater team spirit
    If you are travelling with an entire team and you all go out for an activity together, this will bond and establish a stronger bond between colleagues. They will know each other better and work better together in the future.
  3. Increased job satisfaction
    Being able to include some relaxation and fun activities in your business travel will increase your or your employees’ job satisfaction. The job will be seen as fun, less stressful and with a great balance of work and leisure.
  4. Increased attraction to outside talent
    If candidates or other talent see that pleasure on a business trip is a huge deal for you and your company, they might be more likely to apply and want to work with you. They see that the company’s employees are cared for and their mental well-being is a top priority. This might also be a point that makes you stand out compared to other employers.

In summary

New work doesn’t only apply to the work in the office (whether that be in the actual office or remote) but also to all other aspects of work. Try and change up the way you look at business travel for yourself, your colleagues or your employees. Allowing and even encouraging employees to unwind, relax and try new things even when on a business trip can help them be less stressed, and more satisfied with their jobs and also create stronger relationships with colleagues or partners.

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