How To Make Your Next Business Travel More Sustainable

Sustainable business travel is a big topic nowadays, and the climate change emergency makes us all responsible for our actions. Business travel can be eco-friendly, it’s just a matter of research and organisation.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of info about it and want to improve start by following these little tips to tackle this topic during your next business trip:

  1. Carbon footprint: Research if there are alternative means of transport to reach the location. Trains are great, for example! Do you need to fly anyway? Consider donating for your carbon footprint while buying your ticket.
  2. Taking a car or taxi? Share the journey with your travel companions.
  3. Renting a car: Consider an electric car.
  4. City exploration: Consider public transportation or bike sharing as an alternative way to move.
  5. Luggage reduction: Pack light, it’s good for your back and eco-friendly.
  6. Reduce plastic: Bring your own cup while travelling! 
  7. Go digital: No need to print tickets, etc, just use the phone.
  8. Food and Beverages: Local dining experiences and vegetarian options are always sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. Ask our hotel staff for recommendations.
  9. Packaging and shopping while away: Take a reusable bag on your day trips.

    10. BONUS: Suggest your company booking team to consult a sustainable travel agent.

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