Top 5 Trade Fairs in Germany to Visit

Discover how business becomes a thrilling adventure in Germany! Renowned for hosting prestigious world trade fairs throughout the year, Germany stands as a beacon of professionalism and allure across various industries and locations. But here’s the exciting twist: many of these trade fairs are accessible to the public as well. Join us as we delve into the highlights of Germany’s most significant trade exhibitions.


Travel around the world in one day. It’s possible in Berlin during the ITB, the Internationale Tourismus Börse. The trade not only is the right place to meet the entire community of tourism professionals but also to get inspired to plan your next trip, or trips.

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All the games lovers, nerds and comics readers will enjoy the most exciting industry gaming conference, Gamescom, showcasing the best and the entire diversity of the games culture. The fair is packed with thrilling events and you can also get to meet gamers and creators.

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Once a year Frankfurt am Main turns into the world’s leading venue for printed and digital content. You don’t need to be a bookworm to enjoy this event, the showcase covers the entire range: Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, but also religion, youth and children’s books, along with science and technology, art, tourism, visual art and international literature. For everyone’s taste.

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IFA – Consumer Electronics Unlimited

Technology can be so fascinating. IFA, Consumer Electronics Unlimited, is the biggest fair in the world to find out about the world’s newest products and get ahead of the FOMO in all the latest tech trends. We are talking about robotics, but also mobility, leisure, mobile, home improvements and so much more.


With brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volkswagen, Germany is famous in the world for its automotive industry – with quality, reliable cars. A trip to IAA Mobility allows every car lover to get informed about the latest models and trends in the industry and more. But not only the latest shiny cars: You can get inspired by green mobility and the future of transportation too.

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