The Best Things to Do in Venice During the Carnival

Experience the carnival in Venice once in a lifetime, it’s something to remember. The most famous carnival in Europe is a mix of fun, fashion, and baroque nostalgia, all in the wonderful scenery of Venice squares and canals. A trip to Venice gets so much better during “carnevale” if you follow the suggestions our local experts gathered for you.

Here are the best things to do in Venice to celebrate the carnival like a local:

1. Rent a real costume for a day and become a gentleman or a dame from the 1700s. It can be quite pricey, but the experience is incredible – and you will be the center of attention!


2. Create your own traditional mask. You can buy a mask literally everywhere, from cheap versions to more elaborate ones, but what about learning how to make one from scratch? There are lots of wonderful artisanal shops to learn the art. 

3. As you might know, the carnival season is right before the beginning of Lent, the Christian period of repentance ending with Easter – more info in our article here. No wonder carnival is the last big time to indulge in amazing food! Venice prepares for the occasion some incredible traditional sweets, and fried creations such as frittelle, galani and castagnole you absolutely need to try!

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4. Witness the Volo dell’Angelo, literally the flight of the angel, an official event at St. Mark’s Square that marks the beginning of Carnevale. Every year a woman dressed as an angel in a traditional costume does an acrobatic flight from the Bell Tower to the Loggia del Capitanio, crossing the famous square. Plan your holiday in Venice so you can’t miss it.


5. Follow Festa delle Marie. It’s the historical reenactment of a procession with twelve beautiful ladies dressed like queens through the city, from the Sestiere di Castello to St. Mark’s Square, a carnival ceremony dating back to the 9th century.


6. Don’t miss the opening parade on the water: It’s a wonderful show held along the Rio di Cannaregio during which Carnival has transferred to the water thanks to floating structures, dancing, music, and light games.


7. Get an invitation to one of the luxurious palace parties, where you strictly need to be masked. This will be the highlight of your holiday in Venice!


8. Experience the most beautiful opera arias in Venice during the Carnival season in magnificent settings, such as baroque theaters and music schools on the island.

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