The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Children in 2023

Creating unforgettable memories on a family holiday is an exhilarating adventure that fuels the spirit of togetherness. In this spirit, we offer a practical guide to follow for a successful holiday with children, including the most recent useful trends to follow while travelling with children, as seen on social media.

Get the whole crew involved in the planning phase, igniting excitement as everyone pitches in with ideas and preferences. Seek out a destination that brims with many activities and attractions to cater to every family member’s tastes – like this one in Mallorca.

Embrace the call of adventure by diving headfirst into novel experiences, be it exploring iconic landmarks, delving into thrilling outdoor escapades, or immersing yourselves in the vibrant local culture. Unplug from distractions and fully immerse yourselves in each other’s company, savouring shared moments that will forever be etched in your hearts. Snap up those precious moments through snapshots, videos, or perhaps even crafting a captivating travel journal to encapsulate the journey.

Above all, revel in the sheer joy and wonder of being united as a family, forging memories that will sparkle in the tapestry of your lives.

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  • Organisation: If your kids are in the age where they can actively contribute to travel research and organisation, invite them to get on their tablets and to search on Google Maps for fun activities to do near the hotel or in the region that you will visit. In this way, they will feel much more engaged and you won’t have all the organising on your shoulder. Plus, picking their suggestions might end up being an unexpected fun family activity!
  • Packing: A viral hack from summer 2023 is to pack everything directly on a door hanging shoe divider, to easily separate ready-to-be-used outfits. Easy to pack and unpack, the divider facilitates also being independent.
  • Health precautions: Google ahead of travelling to the closest hospital or emergency units by saving them on your favourites. This will help reduce panic in an emergency situation. Consider also an easy online travel insurance offering an app and direct contact to a medical team.
  • While travelling: It’s 2023, so it’s likely that you might have the flight/train tickets already on your phone. If you get a paper version, let the children keep and be in charge of them. This will boost their confidence and raise their sense of responsibility. Also, online you can see lots of practical games you can do while waiting/travelling, save some ideas for your children!
  • While on holiday: It’s time for a digital detox! You might have seen this super engaging trend on social media and we vouch for it. Get an analog camera for each participant in the holiday and let the creativity flow! Afterwards, there are lots of services that will turn your photos into a digital format. It’s  a great way to engage and create memories without having the phone constantly out
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