Romantic Escapes: Couple’s Guide to the South of Lake Garda and Lazise

Lake Garda, with its stunning landscapes and charming towns, provides the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. If you’re planning a trip for two, the south of Lake Garda and the picturesque town of Lazise offer an array of delightful experiences. From scenic walks to fine dining and cultural explorations, here are ten romantic activities for couples to enjoy in and around the town of Lazise. Stay with us at Leonardo Hotel Lago di Garda – Wellness and Spa for an unforgettable experience with your loved one!

Lazise Old Town:

Take a leisurely stroll through the enchanting old town, hand in hand, and immerse yourselves in its medieval charm. 


Wine Tasting:

Indulge in a wine tasting experience at one of the nearby wineries, savoring the rich flavors of the region’s renowned wines.

Lazise Castle:

Explore the medieval Lazise Castle, enjoying panoramic views of the lake and town from its ancient walls.

Sunset Cruise:

Embark on a romantic sunset cruise on Lake Garda, witnessing the breathtaking colors as the sun dips below the horizon.

Thermal Spa:

Relax and unwind together at one of the region’s thermal spas, soaking in the rejuvenating thermal waters.

Lakeside Picnic:

Pack a delicious picnic and find a secluded spot along the lakeshore to enjoy a romantic meal amidst the picturesque scenery.

Scaliger Castle, Sirmione:

Visit the majestic Scaliger Castle in nearby Sirmione and wander through its impressive grounds hand in hand.

Gourmet Dining:

Treat yourselves to a memorable gourmet dining experience in one of Lazise’s charming lakeside restaurants.

Borghetto sul Mincio:

Take a romantic day trip to the idyllic village of Borghetto sul Mincio, known for its picturesque watermills and romantic atmosphere.

Balloon Ride:

Soar above Lake Garda in a hot air balloon, marveling at the breathtaking views and creating unforgettable memories together.

A romantic escape to the south of Lake Garda and Lazise promises endless opportunities for couples to connect and create cherished moments. Whether you’re strolling through Lazise’s old town, savoring fine wines, or enjoying a sunset cruise, the region’s charm and natural beauty will undoubtedly inspire romance.

With a combination of scenic landscapes, cultural treasures, and delightful culinary experiences, Lake Garda is the ideal destination for couples seeking a truly memorable and romantic getaway. 
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