The Most Instagrammable Spots in Paris: Beyond the Mainstream

Street in Paris with little cafés

In Paris, you will find hundreds, if not thousands of incredible photo backgrounds. But these Instagrammable spots go beyond the iconic Eiffel Tower and Louvre Pyramid. While these landmarks are undeniably stunning, there’s a whole other side to Paris waiting to be explored through the lens of your camera.

In this guide, we’ll uncover some hidden gems and lesser-known locations that will not only elevate your Instagram feed but also provide a unique perspective on the beauty of the French capital.

Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne in Paris

Step into the enchanting Galerie Vivienne, a hidden shopping arcade that exudes 19th-century charm. The glass ceiling, mosaic floors, and ornate details make this location a perfect setting for capturing the essence of vintage Paris. Stroll past boutique storefronts and capture the timeless elegance of this lesser-known gem.
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Canal Saint-Martin

Canal Saint Martin in Paris

Explore the trendy Canal Saint-Martin neighborhood, known for its bohemian atmosphere and picturesque canal. Quirky boutiques, colorful street art, and waterside cafes make this area a haven for Instagrammers seeking a more offbeat experience. Sunset along the canal provides the perfect lighting for your shots.

Montmartre Vineyard

Montmartre Vineyard in Paris

Tucked away in the artistic Montmartre district, you’ll find Clos Montmartre, a hidden vineyard. Capture the charm of this unexpected winemaking haven against the backdrop of cobblestone streets and artists’ studios. It’s a unique and lesser-known spot that adds a touch of romance to your Instagram feed.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in Paris

For a nature-infused escape, head to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. This expansive park features a picturesque lake, dramatic cliffs, and a charming suspension bridge. Capture the beauty of nature within the city, whether it’s the reflection of the Temple de la Sibylle in the lake or the lush greenery surrounding the paths.

Palais-Royal Gardens

Palais-Royal Gardens in Paris

Venture off the beaten path and find serenity at the Palais-Royal Gardens. This oasis in the heart of the city features perfectly manicured lawns, elegant sculptures, and rows of black and white striped columns known as “Les Deux Plateaux.” The juxtaposition of classic and modern elements creates a captivating backdrop for your photos.

Fontaine des Fleuves

Fontaine des Fleuves in Paris

Begin your journey at the stunning Fontaine des Fleuves, located in the Place de la Concorde. This monumental fountain represents the four major rivers of France and serves as a captivating backdrop for your Instagram photos. The dynamic sculptures and grandeur of the fountain create a sense of drama that is perfect for both daytime and evening shots.

As you embark on your Instagram journey through Paris, don’t limit yourself to the well-trodden path. The city is brimming with hidden gems that offer a fresh perspective on its beauty. From the vibrant Canal Saint-Martin to the dynamic Fontaine des Fleuves and the tranquil Square des Batignolles, each location provides a unique story waiting to be told through your lens. So, go beyond the mainstream and discover the lesser-known, but equally enchanting, Instagrammable spots that make Paris a city of endless visual delights.

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