Travel Tips: Where to Buy the Best Swiss Chocolate in Zurich

Swiss chocolate shop

Whether you find yourself in Zurich during a business trip or for leisure, one thing you absolutely mustn’t miss is the city’s incredible Swiss chocolate scene. Nestled amid the charming streets and vibrant culture of Zurich, the Leonardo Hotels make for a perfect home base to embark on your delectable chocolate journey. Here’s a delightful guide to some of the best chocolate shops in Zurich, including both hidden gems and iconic destinations.

Savouring Zurich’s sweet delights Is easy! Here is a chocolate lover’s guide by Leonardo Hotels.
Max Chocolatier

Begin your sweet adventure at Max Chocolatier, a small artisanal shop with big flavours. Max Chocolatier’s handcrafted creations are made with locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, and their commitment to sustainable practices shines through in each delectable bite.


Vollenweider, another gem in Zurich’s chocolate crown, combines tradition with innovation. This family-owned chocolatier has been crafting exquisite pralines and truffles for over a century, often adding a modern twist to classic recipes.


Teuscher is famous for its Champagne truffles, and their Zurich location doesn’t disappoint. These luscious truffles, encased in a smooth chocolate shell, make for a delightful experience that’s worth every indulgent moment.


Right in the city center, Honold is a chocolate lover’s paradise. Their stunning window displays beckon you inside, where you can find a wide array of pralines, truffles, and chocolate bars, all skillfully created.


Läderach Bahnhofstrasse

Handmade chocolate

While wandering along Zurich’s iconic Bahnhofstrasse, a visit to Läderach is a must. Their handcrafted chocolate bars, adorned with an assortment of nuts, fruits, and spices, provide a symphony of flavours.


Schwarzenbach isn’t just about chocolates; it’s a renowned coffee house that complements their excellent chocolate selection. Sip a cup of coffee while savouring their exquisite Swiss chocolate offerings.

Say Chocolate

Swiss chocolate

Say Chocolate is an artisanal chocolatier that crafts unique flavour combinations with a modern twist. Nestled directly at Zurich Main Station, this charming boutique combines the art of chocolate making with personalization, offering a unique and sweet souvenir to cherish.


Tucked away in Zurich’s old town, Taucherli specialises in pralines and truffles, to dip in hot milk and get a wonderful hot chocolate. Try also the chocolate bars.

La Flor

dark chocolate in Switzerland

For those with a discerning palate and a penchant for dark chocolate that’s a testament to purity and elegance, La Flor Zurich is the ultimate destination. This artisanal chocolatier, nestled in the heart of this Swiss city, offers a delightful selection of dark chocolates, all crafted without additives, and each one a celebration of the essence of cacao.

Löw Delights

For those seeking a delectable escape into the world of vegan chocolate, Löw Delights is a name that stands out in Zurich’s chocolate scene. Nestled amidst the enchanting streets of this Swiss city, Löw Delights is a must-visit for chocolate enthusiasts and, particularly, for those with a penchant for vegan treats – you simply can’t miss are their “Löwenküsse,” or Lion Kisses.

Lindt Chocolate Shop


After exploring the city’s hidden chocolate treasures, wrap up your chocolate tour at the Lindt Chocolate Shop, the world’s biggest Lindt shop. This Swiss chocolate giant offers an extensive range of chocolates, giving you a taste of both classic and contemporary Swiss confections.

As you indulge in Zurich’s chocolate scene, remember that the city’s charm extends far beyond its delightful sweets. Take in the breathtaking views, explore the vibrant culture, and make the most of your stay at Leonardo Hotels in this charming Swiss city. Zurich truly offers a sensory journey like no other, blending old-world tradition with contemporary indulgence.

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