The Perfect Weekend Getaway in Paris

Paris, the City of Lights, beckons with its timeless charm and romantic allure. If you find yourself with just one weekend to explore this enchanting city, fear not!

In this guide, we’ll map out the perfect itinerary to ensure you capture the essence of Paris in just 48 hours.

Friday Evening

Kick off your weekend escapade with a stroll along the Seine River. As the sun sets, take in the breathtaking views of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Choose a cozy riverside café for a delightful French dinner, paired with a glass of wine to set the mood.
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River Seine Paris

Saturday Morning

Start your day with a delicious croissant and a famous Parisian hot chocolate. After that, make sure to visit the Louvre Museum, home to thousands of works of art, including the world-famous Mona Lisa. Beat the crowds by arriving early, and lose yourself in the museum’s vast collection of masterpieces. Don’t forget to explore the stunning architecture of the museum itself. Apart from the Louvre, there are tons of other fascinating museums you can check out. The Museum of Architecture & Patrimoine is not only extremely interesting but also offers you stunning views of the Eiffel Tower!

Louvre Museum and the glass pyramid Breakfast in Paris


Saturday Afternoon

After an artistic morning, head to the charming district of Montmartre. Stroll through its narrow cobblestone streets, absorb the bohemian atmosphere, and visit the iconic Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local bistro, indulging in classic French cuisine.

Montmartre Paris Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris

Saturday Evening

Embrace the romance of Paris by taking an evening cruise on the Seine. Witness the city transform into a twinkling spectacle as its landmarks light up. Following the cruise, savour a gourmet dinner in one of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants, revelling in exquisite French culinary delights.

Seine in the evening, Paris

Sunday Morning

Begin your Sunday with a visit to the charming Marais district. Explore the historic Le Marais, known for its medieval architecture, trendy boutiques, and charming cafes. Visit Place des Vosges, the oldest square in Paris, and bask in its timeless beauty. Enjoy a leisurely brunch at a local boulangerie.

Marais district in Paris

Sunday Afternoon

A trip to Paris would not be complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower up close, especially when it is your first time in the city. Take the elevator to the top for panoramic views of Paris, offering a perfect photo opportunity. Spend your afternoon in the surrounding Champ de Mars gardens, enjoying a picnic or simply soaking in the Parisian atmosphere.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

As the sun sets on your whirlwind weekend in Paris, you’ll find yourself enchanted by the city’s rich history, artistic treasures, and romantic ambiance. While one weekend may only scratch the surface of all Paris has to offer, this itinerary ensures you’ll leave with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for the magic that is Paris. Until next time, à bientôt!

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