Discover the Best Wine Regions in Vienna

When people travel to Austria, they don’t automatically think of this country as a wine producer. Yet, this small mountain land boasts many excellent wines worth tasting and enjoying on a Vienna wine tour. Try the aromatic Grüner Veltliner, the most renowned white wine from Austria; the Zweigelt, a beloved cherry-infused red wine; and the Blaufränkisch, known as the red wine of the ancient nobles, to name a few.

True to that, the impressive wine region right on the northwest outskirt of Vienna has plenty to discover, a true Vienna must-see

If you are looking for something to experience during your Vienna holidays and want to know more about the Vienna wine culture, follow our suggestions and plan your day of wine tasting and Heuriger (aka the traditional wine taverns) hopping. And if you need a place to stay in Vienna, our Leonardo Hotels are a convenient starting point for these northwestern adventures, especially when you can book with 10% off, always

Our suggestions:

  • Ottakring (U3, S45 or Tram 44) – Stroll around the wine gardens and Wilhelminenberg castle, especially in Autumn it is a very romantic walk to take, highly recommended!
  • Dornbach (Tram 43) –  Head here and walk on sweet hills south-facing of Ried Alsegg, which produces delicious fruity wines. From there you can walk directly to Ottakring too.
  • Neustift am Walde (Bus 35A) – If you want to combine picturesque vineyards and hiking trails just head to Neustift and wander! If you’re not into walking, all along the little town there are wine taverns where you can learn more from the wine producers themselves.
  • Sievering (Bus 39A) – Similar to Neustift, the region is covered with dreamy traditional houses. Impressive vineyards and wine trails to follow. Great for taking pictures! 
  • Grinzing (Bus 38A) – The ultimate place to be for wine taverns. The most popular Heuriger taverns, top attractions in Vienna, are located here, and at peak season they might be pretty crowded. Don’t worry, there is plenty of wine for everyone visiting!
  • Heiligenstadt (Bus 38A) – For music lovers, head to this idyllic part of Vienna if you want to visit the Heuriger where Beethoven lived while composing the famous Symphony no. 9!
  • Nußdorf (Tram D) – It’s all about the charming streets and the feeling of being in a magic town, in Nußdorf. This wine village is one of the favourite destinations for tourists, especially among Riesling and Pinot Blanc connoisseurs.
  • Kahlenbergerdorf (Bus 38A or Tram D) – Nestled on the Kahlenberg mountain, this area is one of the favourites of the locals who want to enjoy steep trails and lovely taverns and restaurants facing the tranquil Danube.

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