Top 8 Places to Visit in Germany in Autumn

With 60 hotels and counting around Germany, we can state that we are a bit of an expert when it comes to travel in Germany. Cool cities, amazing mountains, plenty of lakes, forests, and the ocean: A visit to Germany is never boring. The German autumn brings that something extra, thanks to the number of colours nature gifts: Right from October in Germany the bursting foliage is for sure something to experience, either if you are planning a bike tour, a hike, or city exploration.

Here are the best places to visit in Germany during autumn, that you can always visit with a 10% discount:

What can we add to describe this fairytale castle, voted one of the most beautiful places in the world to travel to? The hilltop Schloss gets perfect scenery, where the orange, red, and yellow leaves make the white of its walls stand out even more.

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Eltz Castle

Less crowded than Neuschwanstein but equally beautiful to visit, this landmark is deeply loved by the locals. The romantic castle is perfectly nestled around a forest, great to see during a November in Germany, while it’s covered by the fog. There are also plenty of hiking opportunities in the nearby.

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The Devil Bridge

While planning a road trip between Berlin and Dresden, you need to add a stop at Rakotzbrücke. Autumn is for sure the season when the trees bring the best out of the perfectly round stone bridge.

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Bastion Bridge

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You will be rewarded by the extraordinary beauty of the natural surroundings. Our recommendation is the Bastion Bridge, incredible sandstone mountains with a walkable bridge around them, very impressive! You will thank us later to for one of the best places to visit in Germany during Autumn.

Black Forest

The evergreens of the Black Forest have their prime time during the falling season. Great for active travellers looking for things to do in the nature, thanks to plenty of hiking and exploration opportunities, such as trails, waterfalls, and endless trees to dream about.

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German Wine Road

Autumn means not only rich foliage but also grape harvest and vineyards. A trip along the ancient German wine road is something special to remember. Bonus point, some towns have harvest festivals in Autumn.

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Heidelberg is always a lovely choice when it comes to the best places to visit in Germany. During the Autumn season, the city gets extra sparks in its magical landscape, along the Neckar river.

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The capital of Germany not only offers a modern suburban landscape but also plenty of wandering in Autumn. Head to the biggest park, the Tiergarten, to get lost in awe. If you are up for some hiking, then we suggest the trails in the green forest of Grünewald, for the occasion it turns into an autumnal showcase of reds, yellow and oranges.

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