Top 5 Reasons to Visit Austria Right Now

An Austria holiday is something that should be on your travel radar. Whether you’re a foodie, a history buff, or simply seeking unique cultural experiences, a visit to Austria offers a diverse range of attractions. With 8 Leonardo Hotels in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg, we are excited to share our love for this country.

Here are our top five compelling reasons to visit Austria right now:
1. Its Charming Cities

Vienna center

Austria boasts a collection of charming cities that exude historical elegance and stunning landscapes. From Vienna’s imperial grandeur to Salzburg’s musical heritage and Linz’s cultural treasures, these cities offer a captivating blend of culture, history, and natural beauty, making Austria a delightful destination for travelers.

2. Hearty Food and Dessert Culture

Wiener Schnitzel, food in Austria

Austria is a paradise for food lovers. The country is famous for its hearty dishes, such as Wiener Schnitzel and traditional sausages. Be sure to sample these delights at local restaurants and taverns. Austrian cuisine is also known for its delectable desserts, and the iconic Sacher Torte is a must-try. This chocolate cake layered with apricot jam is a culinary masterpiece.

Sachertorte, dessert in Austria

Don’t forget to visit the charming cafes in Vienna, which have played a vital role in Austrian culture. The Café Central, Café Sacher, and Demel are legendary institutions where you can savour coffee, cake such as the Sacher but also Viennese Apfelstrudel and Kaiserschmarrn, and the timeless atmosphere of Vienna’s cafe culture.

3. Proximity to the Mountains

Austrian mountains

Austria’s unique geographical location offers year-round mountain adventures. In the summer, the alpine lakes beckon with their sparkling waters. Whether you prefer swimming, boating, or hiking, the Austrian Alps offer an abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Austria is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, and the regions surrounding Vienna, Linz, and Salzburg are no exception. The picturesque landscapes in these areas offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visit the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald), just outside the capital, to explore lush forests, rolling hills, and hiking trails. Near Linz, the Danube Valley boasts dramatic cliffs and serene river views.

Salzkammergut near Salzburg, visit Austria

In Salzburg, the Salzkammergut region is a treasure trove of alpine lakes like Wolfgangsee, Hallstätter See, and Attersee. These crystal-clear lakes are perfect for swimming, water sports, or just unwinding by the water’s edge. The Salzkammergut region is also a great destination for trekking, with trails that showcase Austria’s natural beauty in all seasons.

4. Royal History and Architecture

Belvedere palace Vienna

Austria’s royal history is intricately tied to its architecture. The cities of Vienna, Linz, and Salzburg are home to remarkable museums and architectural wonders. Vienna, the imperial capital, boasts grand palaces like Schönbrunn and the Belvedere, housing extensive art collections.

Detail church Salzburg

In Linz, visit the Ars Electronica Center, a modern architectural masterpiece, and explore its exhibits on art, technology, and society. Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart, features the resplendent Salzburg Cathedral and the historic Hohensalzburg Fortress. Each city is a living museum that showcases Austria’s rich royal heritage.

5. Rich Culture, Music and Traditions

Christmas market in Vienna, Austria

Austria’s cultural heritage is renowned worldwide, and its music scene is a vital part of that heritage. From the classic compositions of Mozart and Beethoven to the traditional sounds of Schlager music, Austria offers a rich and diverse musical experience. Attend a classical concert at the Vienna State Opera or immerse yourself in the Salzburg Festival’s performances. Additionally, Austria’s festive spirit comes alive during the Christmas season, with famous Christmas markets offering an enchanting blend of traditional music, twinkling lights, and seasonal delights. You can also experience the beloved Schlager music, which remains a staple during public festivals and apres-ski gatherings, adding to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Austria.

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