Best Carnivals in Europe

The Carnival season is something to look forward to every year, in some parts of Europe. But what is Carnival, exactly? This ancient celebration is a mix of pagan, Roman, and Germanic roots and offers the best public entertainment for everyone. Falling every year around February and March, right before the Christian Lent, the fest reaches its peak before Ash Wednesday, the first repentant day of Lent. Especially important days to consider for a trip to celebrate are between Fat Thursday, Shrove Monday, and Carnival Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). People wear their best costumes there and fill the streets with loud music, parades, fun, and laughter.

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We need to start with the best and most famous Carnival. What makes Venice Carnival the best one ever? It must be the wonderful baroque costumes you meet everywhere around the city and the Venice masquerade balls. Prepare the confetti and head to Saint Mark square.

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Guess what? Milan too has a wonderful celebration. You can head to Duomo di Milano for a big public party in the main square, and bonus point: The Carnival here lasts one week longer!

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Carnival in Cologne, popular by the German name Fasching, is the second known reason to visit the capital of Rhineland, after the wonderful cathedral. The convivial atmosphere of the city is even better during this beloved celebration, happening before Lent but also in November. Do you want to know the craziest thing about it? The carnival season always starts on 11/11 at 11:11!

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While people say Alaaf in Cologne, head to Düsseldorf to scream Helau! The carnival time, from November to Ash Wednesday just like in Cologne, marks a high point in the social life in the city, where you can celebrate with parties and balls all season long.

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An excuse to visit Barcelona can be also the carnival! The Catalan Carnestoltes starts on Fat Thursday with the awaited arrival of the king, Rey Carnaval. The fun activities and celebrations continue until Ash Wednesday. Highly recommended are the street food competitions in all different neighborhoods – you can taste some yummy local delicacies. 

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If you want to experience the atmosphere of the Venetian carnival in Prague, come to celebrate the famous Bohemian Carnival. Starting with an elegant masquerade ball at baroque Clam-Gallas Palac, the costumes and the music in the Czech capital continues in the street parades in the city center. The highlight must be Fat Tuesday in the evening, where you can enjoy an impressive floating parade on the Vltava River.

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